5 Ways a Leading Share Registry Adds Value to your Company

9 Jul 2021

A leading share registry provider offers far more than basic registry maintenance and corporate action processing services.

A leading registrar delivers additional value while reducing costs by:

  • helping you navigate the complexities of the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process;
  • using best-in-class share registry security protection to fulfil data security compliance obligations;
  • driving shareholder engagement through user-friendly digital portals and designing tailored communications plans for your shareholders; and
  • reducing your administrative burden with cutting edge technology that automates and streamlines registry processes.

Below is our guide to the top five essential services and experiences you can expect to receive from a leading share registry service provider.

  1. 1.    Initial Public Offering (IPO) support

There’s a lot to do when you’re planning to list your organisation on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). From the initial planning, all the way through to the day of listing, the requirements are significant and it’s tough to be across all of them. That’s where a leading share registry adds value.

Ways a share register can help with your IPO include:

  • communicating with brokers, lawyers and accountants to ensure every step of the IPO process runs smoothly;
  • reviewing application process instructions in your prospectus;
  • providing an online application site for investors to apply;
  • assisting in the design of application forms;
  • receiving and processing investor applications; and
  • reporting on applications and monies.
  1. 2.    Keeping your shareholders’ data safe

A standard share registry will have policies and procedures around personal data protection in place to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

A leading share registry will go one step further and appoint a designated data protection officer (DPO). While it is not compulsory under Australian law to appoint a DPO, it is considered best practice for data security compliance. A DPO will help demonstrate that you have fulfilled your company’s legal obligations concerning data security.

Gain peace of mind knowing that a leading share registry provides best-in-class security protection in handling the sensitive personal data recorded on your company’s share register.

  1. 3.    Being a reliable extension of your company

Your partnership with a share registry should feel just like an extension of your own office. Knowing that your share registry responsibilities are in safe and experienced hands gives you more time to focus on core aspects of running and growing your business.

A registry will take a proactive approach to get results for your company by offering you a dedicated client service manager. They will develop strategies to meet your reporting and compliance requirements and to increase shareholder engagement.

  1. 4.    Helping to build and maintain your reputation in the market

Your share registry is the frontline of service for your shareholders. This is why it is essential to partner with a leading share registry who shares your company’s ideals and can represent the culture of your company accurately.

A leading share registry uses the latest technologies to help build and maintain your reputation in the market by making it easy for investors to manage their holdings via user-friendly, digital portals.

At the same time, an experienced provider will focus on keeping your costs down by continuously improving their technology offerings to automate and streamline administrative processes.

  1. 5.    Setting up and managing professional, seamless shareholder meetings on your behalf

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and General Meetings (GMs) are important shareholder touchpoints for your company. This means that they can have an impact on your reputation and, in turn, investor confidence.

A leading share registrar can set up and manage professional, seamless shareholder meetings on your behalf. Whether your company’s stakeholders and shareholders will be in the room or attending online, your registrar can make your next shareholder meeting successful by:

  • offering virtual and/or hybrid meeting technology;
  • enabling electronic communications;
  • facilitating proxy voting and counting;
  • performing attendee registration;
  • executing document preparation and despatch; and
  • undertaking detailed results reporting.

How BoardRoom can add value to your company

As a BoardRoom client, you will receive the highest standard of share registry services. The cornerstone of our business is our fully integrated, purpose-built registry platform, which underpins all the services we deliver.

We’ll also continually benchmark you against your peers in terms of best practice and innovation to ensure that you consistently get the results you need to remain competitive within your industry.

Interested? Discover how we can add value to your business today.

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