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BoardRoom provides an extensive range of services for listed entities on the ASX, NSX and SSX, as well as unlisted entities including proprietary companies, unlisted property trusts, equity funds and organisations considering an IPO.

Modern payroll and HR solutions in Australia that drive workplace efficiency.

BoardRoom offers both an in-house, true cloud solution on a SaaS platform, as well as a complete outsourced payroll service operated from our Australia office. Both solutions are managed through our partnership with the contemporary cloud-based enterprise payroll and people management platform, Definitiv. By outsourcing your payroll to us in Australia, you and your employees are given more time to focus on matters which need your direct attention. Drive greater workplace efficiency and take your business to the next level with BoardRoom.

Payroll Outsourcing

We provide payroll outsourcing services processed in Australia through our dedicated team of accredited experts equipped with local and in-depth knowledge. This ensures that your business is fully operational and compliant.

In-house Payroll

Utilise our online, true cloud payroll solution to unlock a new level of efficiency. Built on modern technology for your business in Australia, our in-house payroll services pass our rigorous quality control and uphold high standards so your business can operate worry free. This ensures you have enhanced functionality to create operational workflows, drive employee engagement and provide clarity through smart approaches to data reporting.

Our Technology

An award-winning platform, Definitiv will help remove fragmented, inefficient and costly systems from your business by consolidating your people management on to one fit for purpose solution. By doing this, Definitiv allows you to better spend your time on aspects of your business which require your personal expertise and attention.

The Definitiv platform offers a fully integrated solution, incorporating;

  • Date-driven payroll and award interpretation
  • Single Touch Payroll compliance services
  • Inbuilt clearing house
  • Comprehensive report building tool
  • Employee self-service portal and intelligently designed mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Integrated human resource information system (HRIS) tools
  • Multiple time clocking solutions
  • Flexible rostering and work scheduling
  • Easy to integrate with modern ERPs and accounting systems

The Definitiv platform supports over 150 organisations and manages over $1 billion in transactions, servicing 27 industries. Integrate our payroll platform into your business operations today and see the benefits of outsourcing your payroll.

If you have any questions about our payroll outsourcing services in Australia, do not hesitate to ask and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Send us your enquiry here.

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George Lygoyris - Chief Commercial Officer

George Lygoyris
Chief Commercial Officer

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Definitiv - Flexible, Cloud-Based Payroll and HR Software


Flexible, Cloud-Based Payroll and HR Software

We have partnered with Definitiv to simplify payroll and HR for enterprises, so they can focus on their core business activities.

Consolidating people management onto a single platform, the Definitiv payroll and HR software has an extensive list of features to improve employee productivity, eliminate risk, allow informed decisions through real-time data and automate payroll and HR administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    How does outsourced payroll services work?
    Once considered only accessible for larger organisations, now businesses around the world of every shape and size are outsourcing their payroll services. Businesses usually choose to outsource payroll services due to the efficiencies, compliance and cost savings they gain from using a specialist payroll provider.
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    How to choose the right payroll and HR service for your business?
    When picking a payroll and HR service for your business it’s important to first consider your businesss needs. Not all payroll providers offer the same level of services and benefits. Choosing the right provider should go further than just payroll. Does your business require rostering to manage a casual workforce? Or does your business have a workforce with multiple sites, field based operations or flexible and working from home arrangements? In this scenario, you are going to want a payroll provider that offers cloud and mobile capability to keep your workforce productive and connected. By identifying your business’s payroll and workforce needs, it will be easier to identify which provider can offer a solution that best caters to your requirements.
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    What are the pros and cons of outsourcing payroll?
    If you are considering outsourcing your payroll, there are a couple of pros and cons to take into consideration.Pros
    • Time savings – Allows you to spend your time on your core business operations.
    • Greater compliance – Outsourcing ensures your payroll, super and related tax obligations are calculated accurately and paid on time.
    • Cost reduction – You no longer need to account for resources to manage in-house payroll operations.
    • Complimentary benefits – A good provider will have supplementary services available to assist you with other areas of your business.
    • Transparency – With some providers, you can have a lack of transparency or control. Make sure you choose a provider that includes access to real-time reporting so you can stay up to date with your payroll.
    • Reduced internal knowledge – When you outsource your payroll, internal payroll expertise and knowledge may decrease. Make sure you keep your team up-to-date and involved in applicable regulations and legislation.
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    Is it more expensive to outsource payroll as compared to doing it in-house?
    Handling payroll in-house will likely cost your business more than it would to outsource it. Payroll and taxes are usually best handled by an expert who can provide greater efficiencies. Employing an in-house resource or bookkeeping expert can be expensive and likely not cost effective. By hiring a professional payroll provider, you can also save your company money from potential costly penalties related to payroll and tax compliance.
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    What software do you use for payroll management?
    While there are many options for outsourcing payroll, we recommend making sure that you try to find a company that is well-reviewed and has the tools and resources to make sure that your business can scale. Our payroll software, Definitiv, helps businesses big and small automate their payroll so they can increase their productivity and grow without hindrance. Our platform includes rostering, time and attendance and mobile apps for self-service. A key feature is the powerful and date-driven award engine that automates the calculation of complex rules and conditions for enhanced compliance. If you are interested in a payroll management service that can scale with your business, contact us today.
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    What is the difference between HR and Payroll?
    It depends on the business! While it is common for payroll to fall within HR, sometimes HR is housed under payroll, and sometimes they are two completely separate entities. It comes down to your business’s unique needs and what makes the most sense for it.
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    What services should payroll outsourcing companies offer?
    If you are considering outsourcing your payroll services, a few things to ask prospective companies include:
    • How many clients does the provider have?
    • How long have they been in business for?
    • What is the basic service that they are offering? And what additional services do they provide?
    • Are rates charged per payslip? If so, how much?
    • How exactly do they secure confidential employee and payroll information?
    • Do they assist with lodgements for super, tax and third-party payments?
    • What software do they use to manage the payroll? And what features do you and your workforce have access to?
    By asking these questions, you’ll get a good idea of what they are offering, and whether it works for you and your business.
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    How secure is outsourcing payroll?
    As long as you pick the right payroll company - it is highly secure. This is because a professional payroll provider understands that security is one of their most important selling points, and they need to ensure their software is prepared to defend against any potential data breaches or cyberattacks. It is important to check that a provider has all the relevant certifications, procedures, policies and infrastructure in place to ensure a secure environment.
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    How can BoardRoom help in payroll services?
    Here at BoardRoom we help businesses of all sizes handle their payroll so they can focus on what really matters to grow their business. By outsourcing your payroll services to BoardRoom, you are ensuring that your payroll is secure and scalable. Contact us today for more information.