Revolutionising the Corporate Services Industry through Technology

1 Jul 2021

Relieving the administrative burden of Corporate Secretarial duties with a highly accessible platform.

COVID-19 has forced many businesses without websites or digital communication tools to implement solutions to communicate and interact with their customers. However, while 87% of senior business leaders agree that digitalisation is a company priority, only 40% of organisations brought digital initiatives to scale in 2020. BoardRoom was quick to adapt and support clients by implementing solutions such as the Annual General Meeting (AGM) landing page, a dedicated web page allowing clients to host vital shareholder information including Financial Reports, the Notice of Meeting and important meeting details.

Another example of existing technologies being thrust into wider-adoption is the acceptance of e-signatures and e-invoicing. While neither are new technologies, they have surged in adoption in 2020 and 20212, driven by Government action to increase adoption to ease doing-business. Notably with e-invoicing in Australia, the Commonwealth issued a mandate that all governmental agencies must accommodate e-invoices by 2022, giving industrial leaders a push to in the process.3

With our ongoing commitment to innovation and technology with a focus on costs and efficiencies, BoardRoom has recently launched CS Connect, a portal dedicated to corporate secretarial management.

CS Connect has transformed the way company secretaries work by removing the need for legacy administrative processes common in the industry. The platform ensures that company secretaries remain efficient and can access necessary corporate information to keep up with the demand for instant responses in a digital era.

Company secretarial compliance has traditionally been administration heavy and paper-reliant due to the need for secure and failsafe documentation. However, with CS Connect, BoardRoom proves that digitalisation is not only convenient for Corporate Secretarial management, but a safe and efficient way to operate. Keeping requests consolidated on a single platform and removing lengthy email exchanges, actions taken can be tracked and audited with a single click. In turn, key person risk is significantly reduced by keeping documentation and processes transparent for all parties.

Key benefits include:

  • Instant access to data and company information;
  • Convenience and efficiency;
  • Secure document libraries and storage;
  • Reduction in email communication; and
  • Audit trails.

Tom Bloomfield, General Manager – Growth & Partnerships, BoardRoom Australia, believes that “Our clients understand that digitalisation is a top priority and the new normal. Our technological solutions are what keeps those clients ahead of the digital curve so they can focus on their core business operations without administration headaches.”

View a short video summary of CS Connect here or learn more about our technological solutions that have changed the way we navigate Corporate Secretarial management throughout APAC.

About BoardRoom Australia:

Boardroom Pty Limited (“BoardRoom Australia”) is a fully owned subsidiary of Boardroom Limited (BoardRoom Group), a regional leader in the Corporate Services space in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and China. We offer a wide range of business services to assist companies in optimising their operational efficiency including share registry, corporate secretarial, employee share schemes and payroll outsourcing. BoardRoom Australia is dedicated to being the unrivalled partner for integrated corporate solutions driven by innovation and technology.

We have been widely recognised as a notable company in the share registry, employee plans and corporate secretarial space in Australia, serving companies of all sizes, including some of Australia’s largest ASX listed companies. Visit our services page to learn more about our services.

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