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BoardRoom provides an extensive range of company secretary services in Australia for listed entities on the ASX, NSX and SSX, as well as unlisted entities including proprietary companies, unlisted property trusts, equity funds and organisations considering an IPO.

At BoardRoom we understand that corporate secretarial duties can be expensive, a distraction, and a burden to your management.

Many businesses want to reduce risk by ensuring excellence in compliance and processes. However, hiring a company secretary in Australia can be a costly investment.

Here’s our solution.

We are Australia’s leading provider of company secretarial services, providing flexible and cost-effective solutions to a vast range of listed, public, and private companies, international subsidiaries, and associations. We have a large and experienced team with a wealth of corporate secretarial and governance knowledge at our fingertips, complemented and extended into other essential services through our key strategic partnerships with external specialists.

Our outsourced company secretary services include:

  • Acting as named Company Secretary for Australian businesses
  • Managing and minuting board, committee, and shareholder meetings
  • ASIC compliance including subsidiary management
  • ASX compliance and advice including continuous disclosure, listing rules, governance principles, and corporate action management
  • Officeholder appointments and resignations, share transfers, company incorporations and deregistrations in Australia
  • Updating and maintaining minute books and statutory registers
  • Providing corporate governance advice and assistance including charters, policies, and the corporate governance statement

Outsourcing corporate responsibilities to our company secretaries will help you meet your obligations in a timely, tidy and effective manner, reducing your risk of breaches, fines and possible regulatory investigation. If you have any questions about our corporate secretarial services or need to hire a company secretary in Australia, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today. Our one-stop solutions and company secretaries are designed to make company formation and registration in Australia simple and trouble-free.

Subsidiary Management

Managing large corporate structures can present frustrations to internal teams, including administration headaches, a high volume of unfamiliar documentation, and the risk of fines for late or incorrect lodgements.

Companies can seek to reduce costs and enhance their governance by outsourcing subsidiary management to our company secretarial team in Australia.

At BoardRoom, we manage large and complex corporate structures of up to several hundred entities. Coupled with our regular reporting and project management approach, our industry-leading solution utilises technology and workflows to manage tasks including:

  • Director appointments and resignations, share transfers, address change documentation and lodgements
  • Company incorporations and deregistrations
  • ASIC processing
  • Updating and maintaining minute books and statutory registers
  • Appointment as ASIC Agent
  • Allotting and transferring shares
  • Assisting with the ASIC industry funding process
  • Deed of Cross Guarantee management
  • Annual review and company statement processing

Company Secretarial – In-house Team Support

Is your company secretarial team stretched under the weight of administration and deadlines?

Would you like to expand your team, without a recruitment process?

We understand that company secretarial and governance administration is increasingly complex, time-consuming, and can be a burden to internal teams. We also know that recruiting dedicated expertise can be difficult and costly in the current environment.

We at BoardRoom support a growing number of ASX300 businesses with our In-House Team Support Service, augmenting internal company secretarial teams, freeing up time and resources.

Our flexible, cost-effective solutions can include:

  • Meeting documentation, meeting management, and minute taking
  • Subsidiary Management described above, focussed on ASIC compliance and documentation management
  • Company secretarial administration
  • Process management, including director IDs, corporate calendars and alike.
  • Global Entity Co-ordination Services

Company Secretarial Coaching – Elevate Your Expertise

Company Secretaries are challenged by a rapidly evolving corporate governance environment, shifting regulations, and increasingly complex ASX Listing Rules. It is essential to stay abreast of this evolution to ensure good governance, to remain compliant, and manage risk.

BoardRoom is please to offer Co-Sec Coaching.

Our tailored programs led by experienced Governance professionals allow our clients to gain or maintain a comprehensive understanding of governance principles, structures, and compliance obligations.

Our Co-Sec Coaching includes:

  • ASX continuous disclosure requirements
  • Preparing ASX forms for security issues (Appendix 3B/ 2A/ 3G)
  • Preparing for your AGM
  • Director duties
  • Placement capacity calculations
  • ASX periodic and ad-hoc disclosure requirements
  • ASX Corporate Governance Principles
  • Board meeting management and best practice
  • ASIC annual and ongoing filing requirements

Outcomes include:

  • Filling the knowledge gap
  • Strengthening decision-making and risk management
  • Streamlining Board operations
  • Fostering stakeholder confidence
  • Professional growth

We’re here to help

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David Park
Business Development Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What are corporate secretarial services?
    Corporate Secretarial services cover a wide range of services, including ASIC and ASX compliance, subsidiary management, board and shareholder meeting management, company incorporations and deregistrations, corporate governance advice and more.
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    What is the role of a company secretary?
    A company secretary assists companies in maintaining corporate governance and overseeing and mitigating risks of corporate non-compliance through specialist knowledge and management of crucial processes.
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    Do I need to appoint a company secretary in Australia?
    Public (limited) companies in Australia are required to appoint a company secretary. Proprietary limited companies are not required to appoint a company secretary. Australian legislation does not specify academic, business, or other qualifications to be appointed as Company Secretary of an Australian company. Appointees, however, must be 18 years of age or older.
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    Why should I outsource company secretarial services?
    Appointing a Company Secretarial expert to manage your compliance can greatly reduce the burden and potential risks involved. Specialist company secretarial service providers can form an integral part of a company’s governance framework.
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    How do I register or incorporate a company in Australia?
    Registering a company in Australia involves deciding upon a company name, selecting a company structure, decisions on governance, consent from necessary officeholders, selecting a registered office, and several other steps. Many companies choose to outsource their company incorporation to an external provider to draft and lodge the relevant documentation and ensure accuracy.
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    How to close off a company in Australia?
    Closing a solvent company in Australia requires a voluntary deregistration with ASIC or winding up the company with the assistance of a liquidator. Before ASIC will accept an application for voluntary deregistration, companies must ensure:
    • all shareholders of the company agree to deregister;
    • the company is not conducting business;
    • the company's assets are worth less than $1000;
    • the company has no outstanding liabilities (i.e. unpaid employee entitlements);
    • the company is not involved in any legal proceedings; and
    • the company has paid all fees and penalties payable to ASIC.
    For more information about closing or deregistering a company in Australia, be sure to contact us.
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    How can BoardRoom help in company secretarial services?
    BoardRoom is Australia’s leading Corporate Secretarial consultancy. We have supported companies over decades, from start-ups to multinationals, in navigating through complex regulatory policies and cultural sensibilities. BoardRoom has provided clients with the expertise and tools needed to automate transactional processes, enhance productivity and reduce risk. Contact us today to learn more about our company secretarial services.

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