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BoardRoom provides an extensive range of services for listed entities on the ASX, NSX and SSX, as well as unlisted entities including proprietary companies, unlisted property trusts, equity funds and organisations considering an IPO.
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Unlisted Unit Registry Services

Unlisted funds, trusts and bonds can experience the benefits of our industry-leading service.

At BoardRoom, we don’t believe there are one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to outsourced fund registry management. Whether you're an equity fund, a property trust or a bond product, we’ll tailor our unit trust registry service solution to fit your needs. We work with some of Australia’s largest Property Fund Managers to provide the best possible service for a wide range of clients, big and small, in diverse industries.

Outsourcing your fund or bond registry management is important for several reasons.

1.   Investor Expectations and Demand

The biggest reason fund managers outsource unit trust registry services, fund or bond registry management is because of investor demand. Investors are requiring more information on the fund’s operational practices and are more interested in all parties connected with the fund, investment portfolio, as well as environmental, social and governance factors. This is especially true for investors with diversified portfolios.

2.   Regulatory Requirements

Global initiatives such as FATCA and CRS, combined with the introduction of GDPR and rising AML standards, have made regulatory requirements increasingly complex. This increase in complexity creates larger reporting obligations on fund managers. Outsourcing your fund registry management provides you with the opportunity to leave the difficult and time-consuming duties to us, giving you more time to focus on aspects of your business that need your direct attention.

At BoardRoom, we provide high-quality, flexible, day-to-day registry solutions with self-service capabilities, so you can manage your register when and how it suits you. Our online portals and application sites are fully integrated with our registry platform, giving fund managers, investors and advisers up-to-date access to reports and holding information at all times. Our registry team works closely with our compliance division, so you can be confident you’re complying with statutory and legislative reporting requirements.

Think you could benefit from a fund registry service provider like us? Reach out to BoardRoom today to outsource your unit trust registry service. We are more than happy to arrange a free demo or answer any additional questions you may have.

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