Company Secretaries: Modern Challenges and Modern Solutions

28 May 2024

As the corporate landscape continues to shift and find balance in the post-COVID ecosystem, the role of the Company Secretary has never been more important in ensuring that their companies remain compliant with regulations and statute. Balancing this aspect of the role of Company Secretary with growing ESG requirements, high-level corporate actions, regular board meetings and a tight job market can often create further pressure on teams that are often small if not a lone individual.

The Corporations Act holds Company Secretaries to many of the same standards as directors, including the main fiduciary duties of care and acting in good faith, and personal liability for breaches of these duties is very much enforceable.

With these increasing demands on all aspects of a Company Secretary’s role, many Company Secretarial teams are now turning to professional services firms to alleviate some or all of these burdens. BoardRoom is one of Australia’s leading providers of Company Secretarial outsourcing services, with 20 staff located across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane managing over 200 clients with 1,200 entities across Australia and New Zealand.

As one of the largest providers of Company Secretarial services providers in the region, BoardRoom is receiving an unprecedented number of requests to provide specialised subsidiary management services for our clients, existing and new, representing one of the fastest growing areas of our business. BoardRoom’s dedicated Subsidiary Management team has expertise in a variety of company secretarial software that enables us to provide cost-effective support to large groups of subsidiary and head entities, as well as the experience to ensure regulatory guidelines and statutory requirements are being met.

Clients utilising BoardRoom’s subsidiary management services have experienced a reduction in costs stemming from the efficient processing of high-volume documentation, dedicated resourcing to ensure timely subsidiary entity compliance as well as an onboarding health check to identify and correct any gaps in a company’s records. Additionally, by removing the burden of responsibility for subsidiary entity compliance from management and internal Company Secretarial teams, clients are afforded greater time and flexibility to focus on core business activities.

We would love to provide more information on how BoardRoom can better service your subsidiary entities. If you think your organisation could benefit from specialised subsidiary management, please reach out to our Head of Corporate Secretarial Services, Laura Newell and Assistant Company Secretary, Alex Hughes

Contact BoardRoom for more information:

Laura Newell

Head of Corporate Secretarial Services
+61 2 8016 2801