Managed Fund Investments in 2021 – A year of opportunity ahead for retail investors?

14 Jan 2021

After a tumultuous year in 2020 for both experienced and new investors alike, commentators have opined unlisted managed funds are poised to grow to new horizons.

Whilst traditional investments in listed shares, term deposits and interest-bearing bank accounts will continue to play an important part of investment portfolios, unlisted property trusts and managed investment schemes in Australia have come to represent growth, security and performance. This is further emphasised by unlisted property funds withstanding the 2020 June quarter economic downturn to deliver a 14.5 per cent return over the previous 12 months, up from 13.5 per cent in the previous financial year, according to data released by Zenith Investment Partners, MSCI, the Property Funds Association and the Property Council of Australia1. With interest rates at all-time lows and an expectation that there will be no increases in the near future, investors are looking to diversify their investment strategies in pursuit of real returns.

The unlisted managed fund sector is experiencing steady growth with dynamic and innovative fund managers pivoting and taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the pandemic and economic uncertainty through the acquisition of undervalued real assets and equity investments into sectors of expected high growth such as health, technology and finance.

With inflows expected to continue into unlisted managed fund investments, it is important for fund managers to ensure that the investor experience is pleasant and seamless. This includes:

  • Delivering a smooth online application and onboarding experience including electronic AML and CRS-FATCA verification;
  • Ongoing investor support through prompt email and phone responses; and
  • Access to a dedicated secure online platform which can be used to view investments, access statements such as those related to tax and distribution payments, update personal details and banking information.

As one of the leading providers of unlisted managed fund registry services, BoardRoom’s highly skilled Unlisted Managed Fund Registry Service provider team is perfectly positioned to support our clients through this period of growth. If you would like to know more about BoardRoom’s Unlisted Managed Fund Registry services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

  1. Unlisted property funds shielded from COVID economic downturn –

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