Expanding into Australia – Subsidiary Company Fact Sheet

23 Jun 2020

There are two main business structures to consider when expanding into the Australian market – a subsidiary or a branch (registered foreign company). (For more information on establishing an Australian branch, refer to our article Expanding into Australia – Foreign Branch Fact Sheet.)

The most common structure for foreign companies entering Australia is the establishment of a proprietary limited company (often abbreviated as Pty Ltd – refer to our article A Proprietary Limited Company in Australia for more information) as a subsidiary. Upon registration, the company is issued with an ACN (Australian Company Number).

Download our Expanding into Australia – Subsidiary Company Fact Sheet for key details on Australian subsidiaries including:

  • Registration;
  • Operating as an Australian subsidiary;
  • Key personnel, including directors, secretaries and shareholders;
  • Australian regulators;
  • Standard ongoing obligations; and
  • Managing internal affairs (refer to our article A Constitution or Replaceable Rules).

Expanding into Australia – Subsidiary Company Fact Sheet

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Expanding into Australia - Subsidiary Company Fact Sheet