Boost Employee Engagement Through Personalised Videos

16 Nov 2020

A key focus for companies when launching an employee equity plan (EEP) is to boost engagement and participation rates. While there are many strategies to increase employee engagement, personalisation and the use of videos have proven to be very effective.

Personalised videos are videos that can be customised to every individual with key data variables, increasing the relevance to each viewer. They allow you to include a person’s name, title, length of service, offer details and more. Messages are tailored for the viewer, creating targeted, compelling communications.

Videos are a great medium to get your message across as they:

  • Present rich content quickly, making it simple and easy to understand;
  • Incorporate non-verbal communication to increase effectiveness;
  • Increase engagement through the combination of visuals and sounds;
  • Tell your story better than other mediums; and
  • Generate action through a more authentic interaction.

We are all watching more video. Whether that’s news clips, YouTube or other social media platforms, how we digest information is increasingly visual.

Personalisation boosts engagement by making the interaction more relatable and meaningful. Additionally, including videos in emails can boost click rates by up to 65%. This powerful combination of video plus personalisation can significantly increase employee participation rates.

Personalised videos can be easily integrated into your online share plan offer or vesting communications and is an effective way to reach and communicate clear, consistent messages to your employees. With each employee share plan unique to itself, personalised videos help raise awareness, educate and generate action and excitement, because your employees understand and value what’s on offer.

Increasing employee engagement is key to realising the business benefits behind your offer and having your employees think and act like owners.

Not convinced? Here’s an example of what can be achieved with a personalised offer video:

If you would like to learn more about personalised videos and how you can incorporate this into your employee share plan offer, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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